5 Things Office Managers Should Invest In 2021

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Here is our Top 5 recommendations every workplace should have in order to institute optimal hygiene practices and solutions that can reduce the spread of viruses and colds such as COVID-19.

1. KN95 Masks - FDA Approved

KN95 masks are highly underrated mainly due to the fact that the general population believes surgical masks, bandanas & other face coverings work just as well which is unfortunately not true.

Here's why..

The Kn95 mask is manufactured with (4) layers of non woven fabric coats + an additional film for optimal effectiveness. Unlike the 3-ply surgical masks, the KN95 masks also provide a full coverage of the mouth and nose blocking aerosols from entering through loose ends. This would be a good to have in the office incase anyone forgets their mask.

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2. Multipurpose & Disinfectant - EPA Approved

Be extremely diligent in doing your research when looking for cleaning agents and disinfectant solutions. Not all disinfectants will work effectively to kill Coronavirus. The best way for you to make sure the agents will work against coronavirus is by checking the label on the product. EPA registered products are typical labeled which means its been proven to kill viruses including Coronavirus.

Another thing to keep in mind before disinfecting, you will need to dust and wipe down dirty surfaces which is why we recommend a multipurpose cleaner to start with. An all purpose cleaner will remove debris, dirt and grime from a surface leaving the area clean and ready for you to apply the disinfectant.

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3. FootPull - Hands Free Door Opener

Use Your Foot to Open a Door, Avoid Germs! Instead of opening doors with your hands, consider using a foot pull door opener. This crafty piece of hardware is designed with a foam pad mounted to the inside edge to provide cushion against wear on shoes. It also easily mounts directly onto the bottom of your doors.By investing in this option, you can minimize the amount of contamination to your door handles.

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4. Portable Handheld Electrostatic Sprayers

Now I know what you're thinking... why would I ever need a Electrostatic Sprayer if I'm just an office manager?

Well here's why..

Not all businesses have a regular cleaning service that comes in daily to sanitize. I can tell you from personal experience owning a company in the cleaning industry, some clients only want a once a week cleaning service. This once a week frequency isn't enough to help address a virus outbreak in the workplace. So I encourage my clients (Office Managers) to instead invest in Electrostatic sprayer technology. Not only does this technology cut down the amount of time you spend sanitizing, but the technology is superior. The electrically charged particles from the sprayer provide a more complete wrap around surfaces, ultimately providing a more effective disinfection.

They are easy to handle and are safe to use around humans and pets when and only if the solvent being used claims so. Check the label on the disinfectant and check with the manufacturer to make sure it can be used in a electrostatic sprayer.

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5. Automatic Touchless Soap Dispensers

Don't get left behind! Big Companies are already investing in touchless soap dispensers to provide safer workplaces for their employees & staff. These simple devices can be triggered by simply waving your hand under the sensor. They are for the most part fully automatic and are battery operated. Touchless automatic soap dispensers are the future & a fantastic investment for your home and workplace.

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